Team Profile

Team Profile

The team is very international. In 2013, there were a total of 79 staff members from 12 nationalities located across 11 countries, and speaking 12 languages. In 2014, the total staff was 71. In 2015, the total staff was 93. In 2016, the total staff was 81. In 2017, the total staff dropped to 71.

We also consider gender diversity when hiring, and currently employ a greater number of female talent than male on the consultant level, yet are still seeking to achieve an improved gender balance on a leadership level. Being a rather young company, the turnover rate of around 33% in 2013 was high and a concern that is going to be addressed through a more solid staff management approach. Over the subsequent years, we were able to reduce our attrition rate slightly with continuous improvement. In 2015 the attrition rate was 31%. This was further reduced to 30% in 2016. In 2017, we saw a sharp decline in the attrition rate to 5% (we measure attrition rate for full-time employees under permanent contract).

"You can find a supportive culture everywhere at BSD Consulting, and it hardly feels hierarchical. I am proud to have been working as a consultant since 2009 on the high quality supply chain development projects happening in China. I am very appreciative of BSD for giving me many career development opportunities over the years."

Daniel Chen, Project Manager, BSD China

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