Life-Work Balance

Life-work balance

A good life-work balance is material at BSD as we hire people of great value and want to ensure a sound balance between work and free time. At the same time, we are results-focused and want to guarantee that staff can perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

Half of the offices allow flexible working hours, so that employees can best schedule their working time in relation to their personal needs. This is helpful for many BSD employees who have young children, requiring them to carry out daycare/school drop offs and pick ups as well as bedtime routines in the evenings. Another agreement seen in many offices is that business trips can be scheduled in a manner that avoids employee travel in the evening or on Sundays, which is also in accordance with many client policies.

Local teams also engage in activities together. Most teams have a joint dinner at least once a year, to which spouses are also invited. In addition, team outings with social and outdoor activities are organized on an ad hoc basis in some offices.


"Working under the BSD umbrella makes me believe my daily contributions will make some difference to someone's life, somewhere. I'm proud of this."

Dolores He, Administration Manager, BSD China


“Working at BSD is very good for me, because I can always take care of my responsibilities as mother and employee without compromising any duty.”

Kátia Prates, Office Manager, BSD Brazil