Impact and Influence

Our approach

Assessing the impact and influence we have had in advancing sustainable development over the last 15 years through the services we provide to our clients is no easy task, but is definitely at the core of our purpose. It is also, from our perspective, the most relevant issue when reporting about our performance. It is the reason why we are in business and the driving force behind the work of our team.
Quantitative measures around the impact of consulting projects we have been engaged with are not always attainable, and it is complex to define causality or methods to aggregate data. We have selected specific projects or lines of work for which quantitative impact data is available, and plan to strengthen impact assessment at the project level moving forward. Most importantly, we have prioritized five lines of work where we expect to have impact and influence.

Since the introduction of the Client Feedback Survey in 2013 we have systematically received responses from more than 30 clients who unanimously state great satisfaction with the work BSD’s consultants have provided and that they would with great probability recommend BSD Consulting to other companies and organizations.


“Value is created in the symbiotic relationship between business and sustainability: business is essential to the advancement of sustainable development, and sustainability, in turn, creates value for businesses.”

Felipe Arango, Partner, BSD Consulting