Using a wide range of offline and online formats, the international multi-stakeholder Reporting 3.0 platform (www.reporting3.org) aims to support nations, cities and companies to manifest their contribution towards a sustainable future with tangible lasting results. The platform is an initiative of the BSD Germany team and brings together topics, ideas, organizations and participants, examines these from new perspectives and combines them to jointly enhance their impact. The “Reporting 3.0: The Future of Sustainability Reporting” conference held in September 2013 in Berlin was a comprehensive stock-taking of this topic and also provided an outlook on what lies ahead. In 2014, the BSD Germany team will continue hosting events devoted to the further development of this important international topic. All Reporting 3.0 activities seek to highlight relevant developments, identify potential paths for development, and point out specific implications for companies and decision makers.

The platform also aims to proactively accompany international discourse on this topic in the years to come and provide valuable inputs for its further development. In this sense, in 2014 there will also be held local Reporting 3.0 kick-off events in Brazil, the USA and China which focus on local challenges in an international context.



trippplus is BSD’s first venture, created and founded by Felipe Arango in 2013. Its aim is to scale disruptive innovation, meaning endeavoring to create ‘triple value’ for investors and society, as the ‘status quo’ is no longer acceptable. trippplus views capital and markets as a force for making a difference, that investments should deliver ‘positive externalities’, and yield social, environmental and financial returns. Those at trippplus believe that, in order to achieve this and to address the challenges we face, disruptive thinking and scalable solutions are required. The trippplus team seeks to identify and support innovative enterprises that can generate financial returns as a means to scale and sustain systemic change.



The Sustainability Compass is an internet platform (www.sustainability-compass.com)* whose objective is to support buyers in public institutions and companies, in particular SMEs, to integrate sustainability into their procurement practices. Supported by the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and in partnership with various international actors such as the International Trade Centre (ITC), BSD has developed and implemented the Sustainability Compass. The Compass is a country specific tool reflecting the sustainable procurement environment of a particular country, providing instruments, tools and practical examples to facilitate its implementation while contextualizing in depth information on eco-labels and sustainability standards.

In 2013, the Sustainability Compass focused on clearly identifying the needs of procurers on the ground in order to be able to offer practical and useful tools for their use. As a result, the new “tools” section of the platform provides information per product group, specifically for public procurers to make it easier for them to integrate sustainability criteria into their buying procedures. Besides giving an overview of existing tools on the Swiss market, the Sustainability Compass develops its own factsheets whose objective is to be both informative and practical. The first factsheet was on textiles and the goal is to continue developing content for other product groups.

Through our constant discussions with buyers both in public institutions and companies, the Sustainability Compass gathered tremendous amount of information on the State of Sustainable Procurement in Switzerland which will be compiled into a report in 2014. This information also helps the team to precisely pinpoint the needs and continue to further develop the tools for procurers. 

The Sustainability Compass is currently available in Switzerland and in Germany but it is our ambition for 2014 to further expand it and share our expertise with other interested countries around the world.

*Please note that the English version is a generic version as the Compass is a country-based tool. For a fully operational version, please visit the Swiss version only available in German at www.kompass-nachhaltigkeit.ch and French at www.boussole-durabilite.ch.