Ethics Highlights

Highlights 2014

17 November 2014 - In three local sessions in Bogotá, São Paulo, and Zurich the members of the Ethics Committee have conducted the introductory Ethics Workshops in Spanish, Portuguese, and English respectively. In addition, two online Workshops were conducted in English and in Spanish. Until date 70% of the talent with a permanent contract have participated in the BSD Ethics Workshops.

Two more sessions are scheduled until end of the year, one in São Paulo and one more online Workshop.

Highlights 2013

A major milestone in 2013 was the creation of the BSD Ethics Committee which started its work in early 2014. Members of the Committee are Linda Karrer, Giulia Cricenti, Marcela Romero, Beat Grüninger and Annelies Poolman. With the support of the Committee, the Code of Practice was revised and two new tools, the Client Integrity Management manual and the Ethics Decision Tree were developed and have been tested. Further tasks of the Committee are support for training activities and the maintenance of the Ethics Complaint Channel that has been made available to all staff and stakeholders.

We at BSD have also maintained high standards of ethical behavior in relation to customers’ privacy, taking great pride that we have not received any substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy or losses of customer data.