Ethical Behavior

Our ethical behavior

Our understanding of ethical behavior requires that our talent and directors do the right thing at all times. Ethical behavior is a core principle for BSD Consulting as an organization, and it makes no sense to try to advance our mission of sustainable development if we ourselves are not an example of ethical behavior.

Ethics is manifested throughout our values and brand attributes. Two of BSD’s core institutional documents are the BSD Business Principles and the BSD Code of Practice, which embody our commitment to sustainable development. The Code of Practice outlines BSD’s values as a set of general guidelines and requirements applicable to all employees and subcontractors in all activities. Our respect for people’s rights starts with our own employees, but we know that through our clients - especially through those with a more complex and challenging supply chain - our contribution to progress on human rights, including forced and child labor, can be regarded as relevant. The Code of Practice is available publicly in all BSD working languages and our clients are made familiar with it. The Code of Practice is also part of our new employee orientation. Our offices regularly discuss ethical issues during staff meetings and incorporate the Code’s items into their daily work.

As an assurance provider and auditor, BSD abides by its own terms to guarantee independency of both its professionals and the company. Besides working on specific assignments, BSD does not permit itself to have any other commercial relationships or interests with a company it is assuring or auditing. This does not rule out the possibility that in the near future, an assurance client may become a consultancy client, but clear boundaries are drawn between the two different tasks.


"We believe that economic success, the fundamental purpose of business, can be achieved with full commitment to sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics. Our own practices reflect this long-term commitment and we expect the same from our stakeholders."

BSD Business Principles