Environmental stewardship

As a consultancy, BSD does not have a large environmental impact. There is no environmental policy in place at the global level, nor at most of the local offices. However the Code of Practice defines BSD's commitment to work in an environmentally friendly manner, and through dialogue, BSD staff in all offices promote environmental awareness through their activities.

BSD mainly provides its services at a local level utilizing local staff, however some business travel is required of certain staff. This business travel is regarded as the only material negative environmental impact generated by the organization.

We are continuously exploring tools like video conferencing as well as online collaborative platforms with clients to limit travel but still personal presence can sometimes be irreplaceable. BSD consultants are encouraged to travel by train when it is a viable option, such as in Europe.


"The environmental dimension of sustainability concerns the organization's impact on living and non-living natural systems, including land, air, water and ecosystems."

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