Employee Satisfaction and Motivation

Employee satisfaction and motivation

Motivated and talented professionals are key assets for us and guarantee that the organization can fulfill its mission. The consultants are agents of change for companies and organizations. Our talented professionals share common values, and our mission is shared by all engaged in our work across the different offices.

Purpose, well being, and life-work balance are central for all of us. We are and will remain a network of small firms. We have small teams but big challenges. Project-based peaks can demand much of each employee. We face these challenges as they arise but continue to respect a healthy balance of work and private life.

We have and promote an open working culture. We organize work in a way that fits the needs of both the clients and our local talent. We believe in trust and empowerment. We are entrepreneurs and committed to a common mission.


“We try to change the world by supporting organizations to improve and enjoy doing it.” 

Sebastián Pérez Peláez, Consultant, BSD Colombia