Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback

Our annual employee feedback survey was started in 2013. The survey was sent to all employees and permanent freelancers in November 2013 and again in 2014. In 2013, 41 employees responded however in 2014, the response rate was lower with 30 employees responding. In 2015, the response rate was slightly higher with 33 employees responding. However, in 2016 only 20 employees responded. Respondents were both men and women in all age categories and from all offices. More than half of the respondents have been working at BSD since 2010, as well as a few respondents who have been with the company for 7 or 8 years. We are now working to address the outcomes of the survey and are committed to making the necessary improvements at a local level.

Almost all (90-95%) of employees that responded to the survey are content with their work and feel a sense of both local identity as well as a connection to BSD Consulting as a whole. They find that their work levels are manageable and that there are sufficient possibilities for further development. They are happy with the culture of the organization and appreciate their local leadership and management.

Many (75-90%) are also happy with the collaboration and teamwork as well as with the internal communications and information-sharing.

Fewer (60-70%) appreciate their level of remuneration and their career-advancement prospects within the organization. The physical infrastructure of the workplace does not always meeting employees' needs. The responsiveness of BSD leadership to the survey feedback is fundamental in moving forward. The management teams at BSD's local offices will review their own results and develop an improvement plan accordingly.


“Working at BSD has proven to be a very rewarding experience in human terms, both because of the team, as well as the clients. Working specifically in Stakeholder Engagement, I often get to see nd reach the best of people, which will hopefully contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Susana Valente, Freelance consultant, BSD Portugal

I am proud to work for BSD Consulting

We see some changes since 2013; although majority of respondents are proud to work for BSD Consulting, there is a shift in the degree of satisfaction. In 2017, we see an improvement in the satisfaction scores, compared to the preivous year.

I feel connected to the BSD Consulting global network

We see a small deterioration; in 2013 about 85% of the employees felt connected to BSD Consulting globally and in 2014 some 75% of the employees feels connected to the BSD Consulting global network. However, in 2015 and 2016, we see increasing evidence of disconnection among employees with the global network. In 2017, we see an improvement in these scores, with evidence of disconnection sharply declining.

I feel connected to BSD Consulting

We see a small deterioration since 2013; about 95% of the employee respondents feels connected to BSD Consulting, in 2013 all empoyee respondents (100%) felt connected to BSD Consulting. In 2015 and 2016, we see employees experiencing a sense of disconnection. In 2017, overall these scores remained fairly similar to the previous year.

I am happy with the culture within my local team

We see an important change; in 2013 all (100%) employee respondents were happy with the culture in their local team, in 2014 90% of the employee respondents were happy with the culture in their local team. In 2015 and 2016 we see a slight decline in the satisfaction scores. In 2017, overall these scores remained fairly similar to the previous year.