Business meets Development

Business meets development

When BSD was launched in Switzerland in 1998, society demanded answers to the rising environmental risks and social inequalities in an increasingly globalized economic system. The growing disconnect between the approach of development agencies and the private sector urgently required new solutions. Society challenged existing business models and prominent NGOs highlighted these concerns worldwide. The debate about the role of businesses, the effectiveness of development models, social norms, and the need for transparency in supply chains became more prominent. BSD was among the pioneers in offering solutions to merge business and development.

“This original vision has been maintained throughout our journey. Almost a decade after BSD was founded, we started searching for a new logo for our brand. The figure you see in our logo would appear to be an ‘impossible figure’, but it is there, it is possible. A dynamic interrelation and coexistence amongst business, sustainability and development” says Felipe Arango.


“BSD set out to build a bridge between society’s growing concerns, development organizations and business operations. Traditional consultancies were not yet working in this field. Our value proposition focused on supporting companies to understand the new playing field, and to align their business models accordingly.”

Peter Teuscher (BSD co-founder)