Building new frameworks and supporting the work of agenda-setters

Building new frameworks and supporting the work of agenda-setters

Reframing the economy is an imperative for a sustainable society. Old frameworks are failing us and many are broken. A globalized interdependent economy with unprecedented rates of change and pressing risks requires new institutions and governance models that can shape agendas towards social justice, environmental stewardship and sustainable economic livelihoods.

Over the last 15 years, BSD has played an active role in advancing the work and impact of organizations that build these emergent frameworks, with a focus on agenda-setters that are defining social norms and voluntary standards for sustainable development.

We are driven by their purpose and the possibilities of accelerating and inspiring change as they pave the way for the formation of new global multi-stakeholder governance arrangements.

Their work has also served as a reference for the development of our consulting solutions and the alignment of our global team.


Our work with agenda-setters

  • Designing strategies and systems (i.e. certification, impact assessment, support, information).
  • Creating and upgrading standards.
  • Engaging stakeholders to drive innovation, legitimacy and continuous improvement.
  • Providing local operational and outreach capabilities.
  • Developing capacities of employees and practitioners. 
  • Enhancing collaboration across sectors and initiatives.

The range of agenda-setters we have engaged with throughout our journey is wide, as are their purposes. The impact we have witnessed them achieve - disrupting sectors, shaping mindsets and policies, raising awareness, building consensus, transforming regions, building markets and providing knowledge - will continue to guide our work as we strengthen existing partnerships and continue to create new ones.